Clos des Sens

Big chef Laurent Petit bought his restaurant with his wife in 1992 and received his 3rd Michelin star in 2019.  Last October, he decided to turn the page and transmit what he had built. So I went to check if the Clos des Sens without Laurent Petit still makes sense…


Big chef Laurent Petit passed on his Clos des Sens to his long-time collaborators, Thomas Lorival and Franck Derouet, respectively executive chef and head sommelier/dining room manager. On October 6 last year, he wrote on his restaurant’s Facebook page:

I am closing this book while imagining how Thomas and Franck will tell the new story, with footprints from a first volume written together. A tome that made me smile, that made me cry, that built me so much. 30 years surrounded by a perpetual, intelligent, relevant, and committed youth. But also, the binder of the link, the material, the expression, and the end result of the producers: they are the life gifts of my profession. 
Challenged by my roots, interpreting this playing field, with a singularity, with a radical benevolence, can “be” the subject to come. From this return to basics in the heart of the first National Forest Park, kissing the trees, caressing the wicker, to the foot of the wall of the Haut-Marnaise white page… The field of possibilities.

Without any investor, the succession is confirmed.

The gardener Lionel Perron takes care of what will be on your plate.
Without any waste and in perfect osmosis.

For lunch on weekdays (excluding July-August and public holidays), count €158 per person to taste the “POUR VOIR” (i.e. “To See”) menu in 4 flavors.

I saw nature and ancestral know-how while respecting the seasons.
I saw culinary artisans, lovers of simplicity.

Little summer novelty: Le Cortil, a pop-up restaurant housed in the gardens of the Clos du Sens, until September 2nd, 2023!


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