Da Paolo Pizzeria

The Da Paolo pizzeria is a tradition in Geneva. When I landed in Geneva in the early 80’s, this is the first restaurant where my parents took me. Paolo, the founder, was a very charismatic man. Always smiling and happy to welcome you. My family and I would then gather together once a week around a tasty pizza cooked on a wood fire. Friends would join us. A place full of life which has become a place full of memories for me. The decor is very simple, don’t expect anything fancy. Though you might meet some fancy genevois or expats. Some people say it’s an in place. Personally, I am always in for good food. And the Da Paolo pizzeria cooks good food with quality products. When Paolo died, the transition was difficult but since 1999, Bertrand and Corrado make sure some things will never change such as quality and good (and fast) service.  It’s a sure bet, you can go there with your eyes closed. Some of my favourite dishes: gnocchi al gorgonzola (22.5chf), beef carpaccio (18chf), calzone (22chf) among many others.
While most restaurants take their last orders at 9:30 pm and are closed on Sunday, the Da Paolo pizzeria is open 7 days a week until late. An Italian restaurant with Italian operating hours, where quality hasn’t changed over the years, what more could you ask for?

Rue du Lac 3, 1207 Geneva
You can only book a table during lunch time
Mon to Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.30am-11.45pm; Sat & Sun 11.30am-11.45pm
Budget $$

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