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Last January 23rd, I hadn’t seen the sun for a couple of days (…weeks, which felt like months), I crossed the plaine de Plainpalais thinking the wind would actually blowme away (in a sunny place with lot’s of people) in order to reach the press conference of the Electron Festival. I felt miserable… Let me add that I didn’t come across any human being, even the tram looked totally empty. You know the feeling right? Livingin a city where winter can seem very cruel with empty streets and no one to talk to?
But as I reached the corner of the rue des Bains, there it was: the sound of the Electron Festival. As I sat down, I felt an electric shock, which woke me up from my misery: I was plugged within a couple of seconds. As I felt the energy reviving my blood, and hearing about all the projects that would take place from April 17th to the 20th, I thought “thank God I live in Geneva”. This energy was very well described by the Workshop‘s totem, which you should have seen all over our city: the creative agency has combined universal electrical symbols into actual logos, describing the avant-garde scene of the Festival, bringing people together while it broadens its horizons for more than 10 years.

And the countdown starts on Thursday, March 20th with the opening of the exhibition Power Track Vol. 1.
Instead of describing Electron Festival’s 11th edition (let me invite to get lost while looking at the lineup), I am going to try to convince those of you who still have doubts.
More of a classic enthusiast? The festival will answer your wish on Thursday, April 17th during their opening concert @ Palladium where 2 pianos and an orchestra will bring together Francesco Tristano, David Greilsammer and Geneva Camerata.
Prefer hip-hop? Don’t worry, Deltron 3030 will perform a scratched opera on Saturday, April 19th with an orchestra of 15 musicians (and don’t tell me you’ve already heard of the concept scratched opera because I won’t believe you). Right before the opera begins, you will meet a bear with golden turntables called Kid Koala and will travel to Russia with Proxy. If you don’t like bears and prefer cats, you will purr with pleasure over the electro hip-hop sound of Tha Trickaz @ 10pm. During the same evening, you will realise that Christine doesn’t only refer to Stephen King’s killer car but includes an explosion that will take place at half past midnight with Vitalic.
Do you get bored easily and want to be surprised? Listen AND watch Open Reel Ensemble: 5 japanese musicians and 4 tape recorders with a touch of vintage.
You’re broke (it’s the end of the month after all) or do you go to bed at 8pm? A free day scene will take place at Gourgas street No3 on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th from 3pm to 8pm where you will discover many Swiss artists.
Movie addict? 9 screenings will take place at Spoutnik where we bet you won’t recognise Marilyn Manson playing over Mr. Oizo‘s music in Quentin Dupieux’ movie:Wrong Cops.
Dance is part of your daily vocabulary? Many events will also take place including a choreography by Elsa Couvreur (who attended Geneva’s Junior Ballet) called Even Raël Would Agree on Thursday 17th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th.
Fans (like us) of La Forêt? Do not worry, they will be there too on Friday, April 18th.
Time to say good-bye on Sunday, April 17th but this year we shall party all together at the Palladium for the end of the festival (unlike the previous years at the Zoo)!
Pictures available on our Pinterest Gallery. 

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