Festival Electron 2021

The first part of the 18th edition of the Electron Festival kicked off on April 22 with “the exhibition which may not take place” that … finally took place! For the second part, 48 shows are scheduled in the form of Blind Date from June 4 to 5. 

Blind Date June 4 to 5

Take the Electron test and find your match

(In French only)

For the second part of the Electron Festival, 48 shows of live music, contemporary dance, and Visual Arts are on the program for two evenings: June 4 and 5.

This is the idea of ​​a blind cultural rendezvous, and believe us, it’s worth more than a Tinderella or a Tinderello.

Instead of wasting time on Bumble or Hynge to name a few of Tinder’s competitors, log on to the Electron Festival Matching Test and take the quiz:

  1. Choose your schedule (Friday or Saturday, 6 p.m. or 8 p.m.)
  2. Click or swipe to validate your preference
  3. Match with a mystery show
  4. Validate your match at the ticket office * with your eyes closed

There will only be live performances, in unusual places less than 30 minutes from Geneva and hypnotic or electro music, 100% surprising, daring and multi-disciplinary.

Single ticket price 20.- CHF


The Exhibition that finally took place

Visit the virtual exhibition

The exhibition presented by the Electron festival this year offers a collection of perspectives on a year of the health crisis in the cultural milieu in Switzerland. Curator by Marie-Avril Berthet, geographer and fan of Dance Floor.

Initially, five photographers – Mehdi Benkler, Rebecca Bowring, Anna-Tia Buss, Esther Fayant, and Laurent Guiraud – were to document the reopening of the clubs in the summer of 2020.

But capturing the euphoria of a return to sociability in music after confinement collided with the reality of health measures.

This exhibition is not an exhaustive representation of the cultural environment in Switzerland. While the starting point was the reopening of nightclubs, the photographers expanded their explorations due to the health restrictions. The strength of these photographs is to present places that have been hidden from us since their closure and whose invisibility grows as time goes by. These images also show cultural actors in their environments in where the crisis has pushed them, from the most private room to a public space, to oversized nightclubs and bars that are way too quiet. Alone and while thinking.” Marie-Avril Berthet.

PS: Stay tuned for the final parts of the Electron Festival this Summer!