Run away in Koufonisia

Remind me which episode we reached in the series “Mykonos is not the only island in Greece?” Oh yes, episode 4 at Aigis Suites in Kea. I could replace Mykonos with Anti-Paros, Paros or Santorini if you prefer. My Godfather Dimitri once told me though: the Greek islands are like the fingers of your hand, they are all unique. He also used to say that Greek hotels tend to steal the stars from the sky; therefore, you can come across a 7 or 8 star hotel (just a heads-up, avoid that kind of hotel and just admire the stars in the sky).

This 5th episode took place in Κουφονήσια, in other words Koufonisia. Koufonisia is a trio of islands: Pano (upper) Koufonisi, Kato (lower) Koufonisi and Keros. To reach the island, you need 4h40 with Hellenic Seaways Highspeed from the port of Piraeus. My brother had once recommended  me to visit this island; I can hear him say “Emilie, this island is a treasure”. I did wait a long time to finally go, but better late than never right? And at the very last minute, Delphine decided to be part of this adventure with her pink flamingo inflatable float.

The arrival at the port of Pano Koufonisi takes your breath away, despite the capricious meltemi. The sea is turquoise, the sand is white and there are many fishermen boats that decorate this little paradise on the Aegean Sea.
Mr. Simou is waiting for us at the port. Friendly as one can expect from a Greek host, smiley and so happy to welcome us. He came to pick us up to take us to the Skrini studio where we had decided to stay. His wife is from Koufonisia. 10 years ago, he decided to build his own family house and 5 years ago decided to turn it into a cosy complex called Thalasso Koufonisia. Every evening, he served us Rakomelo, a popular digestive drink made of raki, honey and many other ingredients. Each islander has its own secret recipe. The Simou family’s recipe is delicate and smooth, just like their home. Every morning, homemade orange marmelade, creamy omelette which we ate from our 180 degree view terrace. Thalasso Koufonisia is full of small design details that make all the difference: a superb ceramic, a starfish lying on a vintage table, every kitchen tool you may need to cook in your kitchenette… Each object tells us a story. You sleep like a princess (or a prince). And when you wake up, you feel that the world is big, full of mystery and you realise how lucky you are to witness such wild beauty. The sound of the waves and the wind provide the rhythm for your peaceful retreat. 3 other houses are available for rent: the independent Antikeri house, the Glaronissi apartment furnished with walnut wood beds and finally Keros, 150 sq.m. in an ethnic setting.

Ms. (whom we’ve met the day after our arrival) & Mr. Simou are the perfect hosts, I must admit. But I don’t expect anything less in my home country. They were kind enough to recommend which paths to take to reach the beaches and which were the best taverns. Melissa and Captain Nikolas taverns in the village of Chora were worthy of my hopes: they were traditional, tasty with local products and an impeccable service. Count 15 euro per person roughly for a meal.

In the middle of July, you will inevitably bump into tourists. But Koufonissia isn’t crowded. Between French and Italian, the Greek spirit prevails in the island. I guess everyone melts into it. If you don’t like walking or riding a bike, daily boats will take you to different beaches on a regular schedule. May I however advise you to just lose yourself in the Hellenic land, greet the donkeys and the goats…

I had told Delphine before she flew to Greece that my home country could heal any pain. Koufonissia is a great exemple.

PS: make sure to grab a drink or eat at Kalamia bar b4 you leave…

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