The Last Call

Since September 23rd, Marion Motin has been performing at the Opéra Garnier. She pays homage to her Father. And if you do not pass by Paris, still go there for an evening.

Is it necessary to introduce you to Marion Motin? The choreography of Papaoutai by Stromae, it’s her. With her troupe “Swaggers”, they became vice-champions of the Hip Hop International dance competition in France. The rhythm dance of Christine by Christine and the Queens, it’s her as well. And so on to get to the point.

Marion Motin has just taken her first steps at the Opéra Garnier in Paris. And what steps! The steps of 16 dancers into the whirlwind of her story.
The Last Call is a father’s last call to his child.

When the ground gives way.
When all your benchmarks collapse.
A violent fall.
To be reborn.
Without him.
And with this permanent lack.
This pain.
And yet.
You have to keep dancing.
There remain the dreams.
And waterproof memories.

Admiring The Last Call is like witnessing a cinematic masterpiece, of avid contemporaneity.



The Last Call de Marion Motin (saison 23/24) – Alexandre Boccara © Julien Benhamou / OnP
Jusqu’au 12 octobre
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